Hilbre Island

In 2020 Terry Duffy on one of his many visits to Hilbre Island had the vision to turn the dilapidated buildings, that had no serviceable water, sewerage or energy supply, into a centre of creative activity that would revitalise this unique island and location. Entitled, ‘The Hilbre Island Arts, Science and Sustainability Project’ he enlisted the support of BADA which he was then Chair of and from there has guided BADA working in conjunction with Wirral Borough Council and Liverpool John Moores University on a heritage project to regenerate the buildings on Hilbre island, some of which are in a poor state of repair.  Our aim is to bring these buildings into use as an Arts and Science Centre.

Inspired by the work of the artist, Fanchon Fröhlich, and her husband, the renowned theoretical physicist, Herbert Frohlich FRS, an educational research centre for arts and science creative projects, which demonstrate a symbiosis between arts and science, is being developed by BADA and other stakeholders.

*The Hilbre Islands are an archipelago consisting of three islands at the mouth of the estuary of the River Dee; the border between England and Wales. The islands are administratively part of the Metropolitan Borough of Wirral. They are a Local Nature Reserve and are within the estuary Site of Special Scientific Interest. As of 2012, the islands have no permanent residents. The name is thought to derive from a chapel built on the Island and dedicated to St. Hildeburgh. During the summer months tourists travel by foot to the Islands from West Kirby.

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