William Hayter

In 1988, not long before he died, William Hayter, among the most eminent printmakers of the 20th Century asked Fanchon Fröhlich to compile his theories, notes and drawings into a book: ‘SW Hayter’s Research on Experimental Drawing: Systems of Oscillating Perpetual Fields, Conscious and Unconscious Dialogue’. This took years of work for her to complete and, sadly, wasn’t published in her lifetime; if it had been, it would have raised her profile. It seems, in letters of rejection from publishers, that it was because she was a woman.

This was a frustration for her as there is correspondence in her archive that shows she sometimes approached publishers and producers ‘as a man’, with the nom de plume of Leslie Faust, to overcome the obstacle of her gender. However, the draft manuscript for her book on William Hayter has recently come to light and is now to be posthumously published by BADA Projects, edited by Richard Bright of Interalia the respected online Arts and Science magazine.

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